Gemstone CareHow to care for your gemstones

Cleaning Gemstone Jewellery

In general, all you need to clean your gemstones is warm, soapy water and a very soft brush-a soft toothbrush and mild dishwashing liquid does a good job. Remove your jewellery, let it soak in the soapy water for about 20 minutes, and then gently brush it and rinse thoroughly. Be careful not to scratch the metal of your setting.

Home ultrasonic cleaners are not recommended for all of your colored gemstones. Ruby and sapphire are typically safe to clean in an ultrasonic cleaner but other gemstones are not. Because of their porous composition, opals should never be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner. Similarly, emeralds should always be cleaned by hand. If you have any questions or concerns about a specific type of stone we would be happy to answer them or give you some tips you can use at home. All gemstone jewellery purchased at La Mode Fine Jewellers comes with a lifetime of free cleaning and polishing. It generally takes about five minutes of your time.

Storing Gemstones

Store your gemstone jewellery in a lined case or a soft cloth, so the gems do not touch each other or parts of other jewellery. Gemstones are harder than gold, silver, or platinum and can scratch the surfaces of your other fine jewellery if they are not kept separate.

Wearing Gemstone Jewellery

While it's true that gemstones such as ruby and sapphire are second only to diamond on the hardness scale, it is not a measurement of their indestructibility. It means that these gemstones are able to resist scratching almost as well as diamond. Abrasive surfaces, harsh chemicals, and sharp blows can damage even the toughest gem. Your gemstone jewellery should be the last thing you put on when getting dressed and the first thing you take off at the end of the night. Store it carefully and it will be enjoyed for generations.