Gemstone EnhancementsWhat gemstone enhancements are available?

Unpolished gemstones are typically very rough. Looking at gemstones straight from the mine, they might be mistaken for pebbles or gravel.

Part of the Process

Most gemstones you will come across has been heat-treated. It is a common practice around the globe and has been going on for centuries. Heating completes a process nature started, and is used to enhance the colours of a gemstone. The heating of rubies is very common as it can improve the colour of the gemstone.

Buyers Tip
Nearly all gemstones available on the open market have been enhanced. Those that have not been enhanced are very rare and command higher prices. At La Mode Fine Jewellers we offer large gemstones through our Black Box Gemstone program. All of these stones are accompanied by grading reports similar to those of diamonds. The grading report states wether the gem shows any indications of enhancement by heat, pressure, irradiation, or wether it is natural. The stones are also serial number engraved to ensure accurate grading and give you the buying confidence knowing an independant third party has evaluated your stone.