Gemstone SizeWhat sizes are available for gemstones?

Different Densities

The carat weight of a gemstone does not necessarily allow you to accurately envision the size of the gemstone. Different gemstones have different densities (mass per unit volume), so two gems that appear to be the same size may actually have very different weights. For example, a ruby is more dense than a diamond, so a 1-carat ruby will look smaller than a 1-carat diamond.

The simplest example of this that we can offer you is imagine two men, both weighing 200 lbs. One man is 6 ft 5 in., and the other is 5 ft. 6 in. Both weigh the same but one is considerably larger than the other.

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Buyers Tip
Always request that a stone be accompanied by a grading report to ensure its quality and accuracy.

Buying Loose Stones

At La Mode Fine Jewellers we offer loose gemstones through our Black Box Gemstone program. All stones are accompanied by their own individual grading report and are serial number engraved to ensure its quality and accuracy. Buy with confidence.

Many customers of ours travel abroad and have discovered that many gemstones can be purchased from their source for considerable savings. You should be aware that many gem dealers cut their loose stones 'heavy' to increase their carat weight to drive up the prices. These stones can be very difficult to set in traditional settings and may require additional cutting to produce a desired shape. There is also an added risk that a stone could be chipped or damaged during the setting process. Gemstones with lower hardness ratings are more difficult to set. Keep in mind that buying a finished piece of jewellery where the stone is already set in a ring or pendant removes this risk. By all means picking up a souvenir can be exciting and can garner you a treasured heirloom, simply educate yourself on the type of gem you intend to purchase and always compare prices from at least two dealers.

At La Mode Fine Jewellers we also offer a large selection of unset and semi set mountings. Many of our customers have taken stones from their current jewellery and remodeled them into a new settings. This is a very cost effective way to modify or enhance your current jewellery.